New Airdrop from Suchapp

I spoke to you some time ago about this « novelty » to which everyone is interested, cryptocurrency.

We will now discuss the term Airdrop, and more specifically Suchapp which allows you to join a project while performing certain actions (it takes no more than 10 minutes).

Why new cryptocurrency users do not need to understand technology?

All you need to do is go back to this link:

And to inform his various accounts of social networks and answer 2 questionnaires.

With that, you will have a « Token » (see this as a currency), which will eventually be exchanged, and depending on the course can surely take on value.

It’s the new thing, because it can take a lot of time and can bring in a big sum!

Do not hesitate to ask me if you want more information!

I compared Suchapp’s features with another Tokens or ICO and here’s what I discovered.

RADAR messaging is based on Suchapp’s, and you’d be surprised to discover all the other possibilities of this token.

Why Suchapp will be the # 1 messaging app for business?
I plan on using Suchapp in my business.

What will happen when Suchapp brings its board 50 million new crypto users?

8 Reasons I will be investing in the Suchapp Token Sale, i think it’s a good and big progam, and i want to earn money at long-term.

Why cryptocurrency is perfect for loyalty programs?

The possibility of receiving a Suchapp smartphone!

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